3 Pieces Of Sporting Equipment Needed For Motorhomes

You might be considering if it’s time to take out the caravan for one final family vacation this summer – the only answer is yes. Whether you’re planning on travelling to Brighton or Kent, your motorhome equipment might need to be replenished and you will be looking at what else you need to take with you for when the hot weather comes out.

New research from eBay (via House Beautiful) has found that more Brits are opting for a staycation this summer. Caravans are the most popular choice of accommodation on the website with over 4,000 listed. There were also more than 400,000 motorhome-themed items sold on eBay in the last three months.

Here are three items that you need to take with you to take full advantage of your time spent outside.



Football fever captured the entire country this summer with the World Cup, so there’s no doubt that someone will be up for kicking the footy around at least once during the trip. You’re more likely to regret not packing one and then someone saying that they wished there was a football in the caravan.



It is such a simple and entertaining object that most people would overlook one for a trip where they’ll be spending plenty of time outside. There’s no doubt that it will provide endless hours of entertainment.



You will fondly remember those days in school when rounders was one of the sports that you played in your PE lessons. It’s a sport that anyone of any skill level can play, so everyone in the family will jump at the opportunity to have at least one match – or even ten!