5 Top Tips For Caravan Holidays In Coronavirus Times

In this challenging coronavirus climate, the limitations on placed on foreign travel means that lots of us Brits have had to put away our passports this summer and focus firmly on the staycation. Instead of going aborad, the UK is packing up its camping and caravan supplies and having a good old-fashioned British summer holiday.

And the figures back it up. One camping company reported that its bookings were up by 750% compared to the previous year, with Cornwall, Devon and The Lake District taking the lead as the most popular tourist destinations.

But it’s not just the fact that we can’t easily fly off to foreign lands that’s making the nation choose to stay on UK soil this year. Lots of people are choosing to stay put because they feel more comfortable about their own health and safety with regards to COVID-19, causing a surge in British caravan and camping holidays.

So if you’re going on a camping or caravan holiday in the UK summer, here are a few tips to helps you stay safe in coronavirus times:

  1. Your holiday begins on your journey—remember social distancing at service stations and petrol stations, and wash your hands or use hand sanitiser after touching anything you buy.
  2. Of course you want to be sociable on holiday, but resist the temptation to invite other holidaymakers into your tent or caravan.
  3. Check before you go what you need to take, as some sites won’t be providing such things as towels or hairdryers at the moment.
  4. If you’re attending an outdoor gathering for a picnic or a BBQ, take your own cutlery, plates and glasses—or use disposable ones if you can.
  5. Limit your news consumption. No, this one doesn’t impact your physical health, but it does support your mental health. You’re on holiday and it’s time to chill, turn off, relax and have fun.

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