Where To Go Camping In Kent

Where To Go Camping In Kent

While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend a camping trip over the next few days, with Storm Ali battering our coastlines and very heavy gusts of wind pushing us all around, it can still be great fun to head off for a weekend in the countryside at this time of year, hitting the open road in your motorhome or stuffing the tent into your car to really get away from it all.

But where to go? We’re blessed with some amazing countryside here in the UK and you really are spoiled for choice – which can make destination decisions very difficult indeed. But we’re quite partial to Kent, when looking for the perfect county to camp in… and there are lots of excellent places to go. Here are just a few of our very favourites.

Canterbury Camping and Caravanning Club

This is just a few miles to the south of Canterbury and in fact is well within walking and cycling distance, so you could easily pop off for a lovely day out, walking through some truly beautiful countryside before having fun in the city and making your way home once again. It’s open all year as well, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to get your autumnal camping fix.

Dunn Street Farm

Looking for something a little different? What about staying on a working farm in the middle of the stunning Kent countryside. Dunn Street Farm can be found just above the village of Westwell, nestled among rolling hills and woodland. The farm itself is home to chickens, goats, cattle, horses and sheep!

Folkestone Camping and Caravanning Club

Those of you after a beachside location should book a space at this campsite in Folkestone. There are 60 pitches here (although no touring caravans are allowed), but the site overlooks the beach and has some incredible views of the sea so it would certainly be worth leaving your caravan behind for the weekend.

Hop Farm Camping and Touring Park

This award-winning site is right in the heart of Kent’s rolling countryside and is home to a very popular family park, as well as the biggest oast house collection in the world! Dogs are welcome but must be kept on the lead, but remember that they’re not allowed into the family park. The site’s open until September 30th so you still have time if you want to get away for the weekend this month.

Sandwich Lakes

Open all year, this camp site is small and quiet, tucked away in the grounds of a coarse fishery just one short mile from the centre of Sandwich. If you love your fishing, this is the place to go, since there are six lakes stocked with bream, tench, perch, rudd and roach, and you can also fish for mirror and common carp. Tent camping, as well as motorhomes and caravans are permitted here, so this could well be the campsite for you.

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Things To Remember For An Autumn Camping Trip

Things To Remember For An Autumn Camping Trip

Although the UK’s summer is drawing to a close, there are still plenty of opportunities for a wonderful trip in the great outdoors.

Camping in autumn can be truly beautiful, you just need to make sure you’re prepared for the cooler temperatures and changeable weather that this season typically brings. If you’re keen to make use of your camping gear a few more time this year, take a look at the advice offered by Out and About Live.

The publication notes that you’ll want a three-season sleeping bag and “perhaps even duvets and fleece blankets” if you’re staying under canvas at this time of the year. You also need to ensure you have plenty of warm clothes with you.

One tip worth remembering is to set off for your destination early in the day. You shouldn’t leave it too late to arrive at your campsite otherwise you’ll have the challenge of pitching a tent in the dark.

Stock up on spare batteries and lights to make sure you don’t end up left in the dark as the nights draw in. Make a list of camping supplies in the UK that you need before you go to ensure you’re prepared.

If you’re based in London, there are plenty of great campsites within easy reach of the capital. The Evening Standard shared a list of the top place to pitch a tent from Cool Camping, which included Eco Camp UK in East Sussex and the Birds & Bees Campsite in Suffolk , which is an eco-conscious site spread across three meadows.

Have You Checked Your Car Out Ahead Of The Bank Holiday?

Have You Checked Your Car Out Ahead Of The Bank Holiday?

With the August Bank Holiday fast approaching (a mere two short days away, in fact!), you’d better make sure that you know your car is roadworthy and won’t fail you if you’re planning a lovely little trip away. There’s no worse start to a holiday than having to sit at the side of the motorway waiting for roadside recovery, after all!

New research from Green Flag suggests that ten cars will fail to reach their final destination every minute, with the top reasons for breaking down include tyre-related issues (nine per cent) and battery faults (15 per cent).

So do at the very least make sure that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, that the tread depth is still legal and that there are no severe signs of wear and tear – otherwise you could find your trip stalls before you even get anywhere.

Green Flag recommends that you walk around your car to look for signs of possible trouble, particularly with your tyres and lights. Check the tyre pressure, including the spare if you have one, check all fluid levels and top up where required, and make sure you have breakdown cover in place.

While GPS and smartphones are excellent tools to have at a moment’s notice, don’t forget that batteries can run out and phone signal can disappear. So always keep an actual road map in your car so you can let people know where you are if you do run into trouble on the road.

And always keep some blankets, water and snacks in the car just in case you do find yourself stranded for a prolonged period of time.

Where to go on a UK staycation

The Lake District

If you’re keen for an active break and need a blast of fresh air, the Lake District is the perfect destination. All sorts of activities can be found here, but boating is surely the best way to spend a few days in the Lakes – as long as the weather holds out, of course.

Lytham St Anne’s

You’re just a stone’s throw away from Blackpool here so you can have a night out at the Pleasure Beach if you so desire, but don’t forget that Lytham St Anne’s is an attraction in its own right, with a fun pier, the seaside, Fairhaven Lake, Lytham Hall, Penny Farm and lots more on its doorstep.


For a city break, you could do an awful lot worse than Edinburgh as a destination. And you’ll be just in time to have a ride on the Edinburgh Festival Wheel, which will be in situ until September 2nd. To stretch your legs, head up to Arthur’s Seat, an ancient volcano, which will give you some incredible views of the city.

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Plans To Build New Motorhome Site In Kent

Plans To Build New Motorhome Site In Kent

You might know that feeling of how difficult it can be to pick out the next place you want to arrange for the family holiday. It’s no easy decision, but you will know how important it is to make sure you have the essential supplies for the motorhome. Kent, however, could prove to be an even more popular choice for many people to visit on a holiday.

Kent Live reports that planning permission has been made for a new caravan site in Capel. It will be located south of New Dover Road and east of Winehouse Lane. Of course, it might be early days for the site, but it does show that the area is still a hotspot for caravan trips.

In fact, if the latest project is approved – and many will hope that it is – then it won’t be that far away from other sites in the area, including Little Satmar Campsite & Holiday Park, White Cliffs Park, Capel Court Caravan Park and Varne Ridge Holiday Park.

The planning statement said: “The proposed holiday lodges would fill a gap in the local holiday accommodation provision, which has been identified for high-quality holiday lodge caravans and would generate local employment both directly at the site.”

What would the Capel site have? Well, there are plans for a wildlife pond, which will be perfect for the kids to spend their time around. Considering how close it is to other camper sites, it could allow two families to plan a trip away together and still be within proximity of one another.

Now might be the perfect time to restock the family campervan – presumably after a busy summer – and put down Capel as one of your holiday destinations in the foreseeable future.

3 Ways To Take Advantage Of Caravan Extension Leads

3 Ways To Take Advantage Of Caravan Extension Leads

Anyone who is planning a holiday will know most of their family members’ suitcases will be loaded with electronic items. It’s not hard to understand that everyone relies on different forms of tech at some point throughout the day. No matter where you’re planning a trip to in the UK – from Liverpool to Kent – caravan extension leads could change the whole experience for the family.

Here are three ways to take advantage of it while you’re sitting outside.



There is no doubt that the family will be spending time outside of the caravan. In fact, any sign of warm weather will have everyone wanting to sit outside. It’s best to avoid the uncomfortable sound of silence and replace it with some music.

Nobody will be against the idea of taking a pair of speakers out for the trip. Whether it’s playing music from your iTunes library or streaming straight from Spotify, you could have that all-important background music needed for an impromptu barbecue out in the sun.


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s latest console has the benefits of both a home system and a handheld device. However, the weather might be too nice to sit inside the motorhome to play on the Switch. You could take it outdoors and not have to worry about charging the system in case its battery is low, especially as you’ll have a charging point within reach.



Most people will enjoy working from the comfort of an iPad, watching a film or simply browsing the internet. It’s the perfect opportunity to sit outside with it and not have to worry about taking it back inside to charge.

5 Graphic Novels To Pack For A UK Camping Trip

5 Graphic Novels To Pack For A UK Camping Trip

The summer is not over yet and there could be another planned – or even impromptu – trip in the motorhome. No matter where you’re travelling to in the UK, the ‘right’ camping supplies are essential for completing the holiday experience.

It’s time to forget about packing books for the trip and consider taking some graphic novels with you to read on a quiet night.

Here are five comics that could completely change your camping trip for the best.



Watchmen is arguably one of the most famous comic series ever produced. You’ve probably watched the 2009 film adaptation from director Zack Snyder, but it doesn’t come close to touching the storytelling found in its source material of the same name.

The brainchild of acclaimed writer Alan Moore, Watchmen is set in an alternate history timeline where the US won the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon is still president and the Cold War continues to escalate.

Of course, these events have been influenced by the role of American superheroes. Following the murder of a retired crimefighter, his former allies begin to investigate his death and unravel a chilling plot that threatens the world.


V for Vendetta

Another novel adapted for the big screen and from the mind of Moore, V for Vendetta is a classic story that many will have watched. However, the source material will have any person more immersed with the story that is told across its different pages.

V for Vendetta is set in London where a police state has been established by a fascist government. It follows the story of a young woman called Evey, who is saved by the masked vigilante known only as V.



Maus was created by Art Spiegelman and is based on the American cartoonist interviewing his father, who was a Polish Jew and Holocaust survivor. It takes a twist on traditional storytelling by representing Jewish people as mice, the Germans as cats and the Poles as pigs.

It’s a novel that is an absolute must-read for any history enthusiast, but it will also convert any non-history readers into a fan. It is both critically acclaimed and the first graphic novel to ever win a Pulitzer Prize.


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Everybody loves a Batman story. You’re willing to watch it on TV or see a film, but why not see the Caped Crusader where he’s at his best?

The Dark Knight Returns writer Frank Miller pens the story of Bruce Wayne at the age of 55, who brings Batman out of retirement to fight crime and faces opposition from the Gotham City Police Department and the US government.


Batman: The Killing Joke

Alan Moore once again returns on this list with one of the greatest stories ever told. The Killing Joke explores the origin story of the Joker and takes place across two different timelines: one where he’s attempting to drive Commissioner James ‘Jim’ Gordon insane and the other is where Batman attempts to stop him.

It’s not a long story and only has 64 pages, but it is an instant page-turner. If there’s only one book that you could take on a trip and it would have a profound impact on your life, then look no further than The Killing Joke.

3 Pieces Of Sporting Equipment Needed For Motorhomes

3 Pieces Of Sporting Equipment Needed For Motorhomes

You might be considering if it’s time to take out the caravan for one final family vacation this summer – the only answer is yes. Whether you’re planning on travelling to Brighton or Kent, your motorhome equipment might need to be replenished and you will be looking at what else you need to take with you for when the hot weather comes out.

New research from eBay (via House Beautiful) has found that more Brits are opting for a staycation this summer. Caravans are the most popular choice of accommodation on the website with over 4,000 listed. There were also more than 400,000 motorhome-themed items sold on eBay in the last three months.

Here are three items that you need to take with you to take full advantage of your time spent outside.



Football fever captured the entire country this summer with the World Cup, so there’s no doubt that someone will be up for kicking the footy around at least once during the trip. You’re more likely to regret not packing one and then someone saying that they wished there was a football in the caravan.



It is such a simple and entertaining object that most people would overlook one for a trip where they’ll be spending plenty of time outside. There’s no doubt that it will provide endless hours of entertainment.



You will fondly remember those days in school when rounders was one of the sports that you played in your PE lessons. It’s a sport that anyone of any skill level can play, so everyone in the family will jump at the opportunity to have at least one match – or even ten!

3 Essential Games Needed For Any Caravan Trip

3 Essential Games Needed For Any Caravan Trip

If you’re ready to bring the caravan out for a family trip, then chances are that you’ve packed all the essentials: from extra water supplies to plenty of food. No matter where you’re travelling to in the UK, some camping supplies can’t be overlooked. Of course, we’re talking about the importance of taking games along for the ride.

Here are three games that you must absolutely take with you on a holiday.


Monopoly (not the standard version)

It’s a classic. Monopoly brings the entire family together, a game that creates a tense atmosphere and one where relationships can be broken. However, don’t buy the standard version of Monopoly. Everyone’s played it, but not everyone’s tried one of the other versions of it. Lifelong Pokémon fan? Well, now’s the time to invest in one for the motorhome.


Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

There’s nothing better than when the family comes together to compete with one another and see who possesses the superior intellect. Like Monopoly, however, there’s no point in getting the standard version. The family might love Harry Potter, so why not see who’s the biggest Potterhead and who takes home the ultimate bragging rights?


Cards Against Humanity

This might not be one for the family, but if it’s an all-adults trip, then Cards Against Humanity is one of the best ways to enjoy time together. Let’s face it: there’s limitless amusement to come from seeing who can create the most inappropriate statement. Minutes will turn into hours when you’re playing Cards Against Humanity.