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While it might be off season for camping, it’s the perfect time to shop in Kent for Christmas gifts for nature lovers. If you have someone in your life who loves to camp, hike, ramble or just spend time in the great outdoors, the gift of kit to enjoy this better is sure to be well received. The Times thinks so also, so here are continue reading
We’re moving towards the ski and snowboarding season. It’s a great time of year if you love hitting the slopes, gliding down powdery, white snow. But it’s not usually so brilliant for your bank balance.By the time you’ve factored in lift passes, flights, accommodation, food and equipment hire (or excess baggage if you’re taking your own) the price of a ski holiday can quickly mount continue reading
Dear customer.We opened our shop in Minnis Bay just over 3 years ago.  Our shop grew  and grew.  As well as stocking ranges from Milenco, Kampa, Vango, Camping GAz, Fiamma and Thule RV plus a wide range of other products for your caravan and motorhome, we also carried ranges for beach and for the local fisherman.The shop turned from a 5 day week to a continue reading
If you’re planning a camping holiday then you’ll probably be interested in finding the best camping supplies in Kent to ensure you’re fully prepared for your trip away, however, there's not yet a tool that solves all of camping's minor inconveniences.Condensation in your tent when camping out can be an annoying problem, causing items to become damp, but fear not, as Out and About Live continue reading
While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend a camping trip over the next few days, with Storm Ali battering our coastlines and very heavy gusts of wind pushing us all around, it can still be great fun to head off for a weekend in the countryside at this time of year, hitting the open road in your motorhome or stuffing the tent into your car to really continue reading
Although the UK’s summer is drawing to a close, there are still plenty of opportunities for a wonderful trip in the great outdoors.Camping in autumn can be truly beautiful, you just need to make sure you’re prepared for the cooler temperatures and changeable weather that this season typically brings. If you’re keen to make use of your camping gear a few more time this year, continue reading
With the August Bank Holiday fast approaching (a mere two short days away, in fact!), you’d better make sure that you know your car is roadworthy and won’t fail you if you’re planning a lovely little trip away. There’s no worse start to a holiday than having to sit at the side of the motorway waiting for roadside recovery, after all!New research from Green Flag continue reading
You might know that feeling of how difficult it can be to pick out the next place you want to arrange for the family holiday. It’s no easy decision, but you will know how important it is to make sure you have the essential supplies for the motorhome. Kent, however, could prove to be an even more popular choice for many people to visit on continue reading
Anyone who is planning a holiday will know most of their family members’ suitcases will be loaded with electronic items. It’s not hard to understand that everyone relies on different forms of tech at some point throughout the day. No matter where you’re planning a trip to in the UK - from Liverpool to Kent - caravan extension leads could change the whole experience for continue reading