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For 2019 Fiamma have changed the depth of their Caravanstore increasing the depth on the 2.80m, 3.10m, 3.60m, 4.10m, 4.40m, 5.00m and the 5.50m from 2.25m to the new XL depth of 2.50m.

This will bring Fiamma‘s roll out canopy into line with the competition.

They are giving a new XL centre rafter with all awnings with a depth of 4.10 and upwards. Plus the awnings of 5.00m and 5.50m will also include a Fiamma Caravanstore Support leg.

Fiamma will be offering a range of options for the NEW XL Caravanstore. These being a complete Privacy Room CS Light XL, Options in the range of Front and Side panels which can be sold individually. Plus Fiamma Caravanstore Rafter XL, Fiamma Caravanstore Tie Down Kit S, Patio Mat, and other options

The Caravanstore XL Range is now availalble from Leisure Plus Direct to order. Any questions please feel free to telephone on any of our numbers, you can email or use or question and answer service on the web page.

We hope we can be of assistance to you in 2019


Thule add to their Motorhome bike rack range with another “Black”

Thule add to their Motorhome bike rack range with another “Black”

Another new for 2019 Thule have added to the current Thule Ducato XT Elite “Black”.

Their latest model now to incorporate the Matt Black finish for the caravan / motorhome market they have introduced the Thule Matt Black Excellent Rack. It is currently only being produced in the Standard version and is now available to Pre Order in the Matt Black finish (302033)

There is also the option to purchase the extra third rail (302034) in Black plus the 4th rail also in the matt black finish (302035)

Orders for these items are being taken now and will be available from the end of January. Order early to ensure that you are one of the very first to obtain this very exciting addition

A Whole Century Of Towing Caravans!

A Whole Century Of Towing Caravans!

If you’re old hat when it comes to touring the UK in your trusty caravan, no doubt the name Eccles is a familiar one to you. The manufacturer was actually the main pioneer of caravan evolution and had a huge part to play in establishing the idea of caravanning as a respectable and affordable pastime.

As explained in Caravans – The Illustrated History 1919-1959, it all began back in 1913 when one Bill Riley, along with his son and the family gardener, started to experiment with the chassis of a Talbot car. Fast forward in time and Riley had eventually succeeded in building his very first motor caravan, albeit with a somewhat primitive design that looked rather like a baker’s van.

After the first world war came to an end and Bill Riley junior was back home from the front (having picked up lots of engineering experience during his time in the Armed Forces), he spotted an ad for local haulage firm The Eccles Transport Company, which was looking for investment to help them expand.

Resources were pooled and both Rileys became directors of the company, keeping the name of Eccles. On March 21st 1919, the trading name was changed to Eccles Motor Transport, based at Gosta Green in Birmingham.

The company struggled at first, thanks to old contracts from the war coming to an end, which inspired Bill Riley senior to revive his original idea for the motor caravan. However, his son was disinclined to go in this direction, believing that trailer vans were the more obvious choice for future investment, with his war experiences showing him just how easily trailer ambulances could be towed.

Eventually, he was given the go-ahead by his father to build a trailer car-drawn caravan, while Bill Riley senior focused on building another version of his motor caravan. The first two completed by the company were shown at a garage located near the Motor Show in 1919 – with one of them being purchased by none other than the Dowager Viscountess Rhondda, a sale that proved to be the turning point for Eccles Motor Transport.

So there you have it! We’re now celebrating an impressive 100 years of towing caravans by car. The first Eccles trailer caravans were built on a separate chassis with pneumatic tyres on detachable wheels, needing to be light enough to be towed by a vehicle of 12hp… and it’s certainly interesting to see just how far we’ve come where caravan design is concerned.

Now, we take caravan touring for granted but back then, no doubt, being able to pack all your stuff up and whisk the family off for a staycation must have been very exciting and really quite novel. And caravan holidays are proving more popular by the day, with 2019 hotly tipped to be a stellar year for caravan tourism… so where will you be going to this year?

Do you need to new UK caravan equipment? Get in touch with us today.

Thule introduce the NEW Thule 6300 awning for 2019

Thule introduce the NEW Thule 6300 awning for 2019

  • The New and innovative Thule 6300 is finally here after 2 years in Research and Development

This new Thule 6300 awning was based on the very populare Thule 6200 awning. Using the philosophy “If it aint broke dont fix it” Thule looked at the awning and have made some slight cosmetic changes and improved other items inside of the case. Slightly more streamlined and dynamic to help it stand out from any competition. It has incorporated some of the features of the latest Thule 5200 awning. Those being the integrated arms. These are an optional extra used to assist in strengthening the tension arms, thereby giving more tension to the canvas when you give a slight tension on the awning fabric with a turn of the winder handle.

So when the awning is wound out to its fullest depth, these tension arms can be inserted (Thule number 302095) against the ratchet mechanism on the 6300 arm and the other end is located into the front lead rail. You then turn back the awning material with only a very small turn of the winder handle securing the Tension Arms into their location. This not only strengthens the spring arms it also increases the wind resistance. Offering more resistance against any front wind.

Another new addition for the Thule 6300 is the option to add a motor as a retro fit. This is the same motor that Thule now use on the very highly popluar Thule 5200 only adds a further 1kg to the awning weight and 3cm to its overall length. In the event of a loss of power there is an option for the manual winder to be used should this need ever arise.

Another improvement for the Thule 6300 is the LED lighting system There is a LED Mounting rail (Thule number 301664) This rail enables you to mount the LED strip under the case plus have the option to attach a tent onto the side of this new awning.

For the Thule 6300 awnings with a longer length of 3.75m and longer Thule have added the option to fit the third leg (Thule number 306778)

All in all this truly is a great awning for 2019 and beyond. Please enquire re availability and brackets

LEISURE PLUS DIRECT..location move

LEISURE PLUS DIRECT..location move

Hi all, just a note now that we are in 2019 to say thank you to all of our customers who visited our shop in Birchington over the 3 years that we were there.

As most of you will know we have now moved location. We sold the shop and it is now a Hairdressers but we as Leisure Plus Direct have moved to larger premises. We now own a Caravan and Motorhome recognised CL site in Stourmouth …..Post Code CT3 1HR. We are listed under number 745 in the 2019/20 Site Directory. We very much look forward to welcoming you to our campsite.

We are still agents for Thule RV, Fiamma, Vango, Royal, Camping Gaz and many more major manufacturers. Moving to a larger premises is giving us the opportunity to carry a larger range of products and also giving us the opportunity to fit a range of accessories to motorhomes and caravans from our premises. We currently have one large log cabin as the office but by early 2019 the second will be added. Cabin 1 will house the office plus a small shop for the customers visiting our camp site. We will carry items ranging from Thetford chemicals, camping equipment, leisure ranges of chairs to cool boxes and even small supermarket products if you require whilst staying with us.

Cabin 2 will hold further larger items including Fiamma and Thule Bike Racks and awnings. Thule Residence rooms , Fiamma Privacy rooms and a whole range more for your caravan and motorhomes plus a fitting service will be available

So once again, thank you for checking us out and Leisure Plus Direct looks forward to meeting more of you in 2019.

Could A UK Caravan Holiday Be The Answer After Brexit?

Could A UK Caravan Holiday Be The Answer After Brexit?

In less than two months, Britain could leave the European Union (EU), but no exit strategy has been settled on yet – which means thousands of holidaymakers could be left with their holiday plans ruined. That is why more and more people might be tempted to book a caravanning holiday in the UK instead to avoid any disruptions and enjoy a peaceful time away.

March 29th is the date given for Brexit to occur, but as of yet, Prime Minster Theresa May has not established a deal on how this will affect travel arrangements for Brits travelling into the EU after this date.

Indeed, price comparison site GoCompare noted there is extra risk this year for those booking their European breaks after March, as no regulations have been set up regarding flights to and from the continent.

Matthew Sanders, travel expert at GoCompare, was reported by Your Money as saying: “The added uncertainty caused by Brexit this year should definitely focus the mind on protecting this investment.”

He noted that even without the Brexit concerns, many Brits fail to take out travel insurance, risking thousands of pounds if something unforeseen should occur.

According to the organisation, 58 per cent of holidaymakers leave their travel insurance plans to the last minute, arranging it within a week of their departure date. Nearly a third of these only book their protection on the day they fly.

Earlier this month, expert Simon Calder warned viewers of Good Morning Britain that airlines could cancel flights in the wake of Brexit, which means they risk losing the money they spent on accommodation and car hire if they are not protected, the Express revealed.

For a more secure choice of holiday, why not consider a motorhome break in the UK? You can find a huge choice of caravan equipment in Kent for your relaxing break here.