How To Beat Camping Condensation

If you’re planning a camping holiday then you’ll probably be interested in finding the best camping supplies in Kent to ensure you’re fully prepared for your trip away, however, there’s not yet a tool that solves all of camping’s minor inconveniences.

Condensation in your tent when camping out can be an annoying problem, causing items to become damp, but fear not, as Out and About Live gives some top tips for tackling condensation when camping.

The main cause of a build-up of condensation inside your tent is due to poor ventilation, so  the best way to avoid it is to keep panels and doors open as much as possible, depending on weather conditions, to keep air flowing through.

Avoid cooking or eating hot food inside your tent as this will let off steam which will in turn create moisture and cause that damp feeling you want to avoid.

It’s inevitable that you’ll get some condensation build up if not just because our bodies let off heat into our surroundings, but keep on top of it by having lots of absorbent cloths that you can wipe surfaces over with to keep them as dry as possible.

If there’s a large group of you, spend as much time as you can sitting outside of your tent rather than inside. The more people inside the tent, the more people breathing and the more heat and condensation will be given off.

Avoid bringing any damp clothes into the tent to dry. Put them in your car or let them dry outside. Another great tip to ensuring your tent stays dry is to hang your sleeping bags out in the fresh air every morning.