5 Graphic Novels To Pack For A UK Camping Trip

The summer is not over yet and there could be another planned – or even impromptu – trip in the motorhome. No matter where you’re travelling to in the UK, the ‘right’ camping supplies are essential for completing the holiday experience.

It’s time to forget about packing books for the trip and consider taking some graphic novels with you to read on a quiet night.

Here are five comics that could completely change your camping trip for the best.



Watchmen is arguably one of the most famous comic series ever produced. You’ve probably watched the 2009 film adaptation from director Zack Snyder, but it doesn’t come close to touching the storytelling found in its source material of the same name.

The brainchild of acclaimed writer Alan Moore, Watchmen is set in an alternate history timeline where the US won the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon is still president and the Cold War continues to escalate.

Of course, these events have been influenced by the role of American superheroes. Following the murder of a retired crimefighter, his former allies begin to investigate his death and unravel a chilling plot that threatens the world.


V for Vendetta

Another novel adapted for the big screen and from the mind of Moore, V for Vendetta is a classic story that many will have watched. However, the source material will have any person more immersed with the story that is told across its different pages.

V for Vendetta is set in London where a police state has been established by a fascist government. It follows the story of a young woman called Evey, who is saved by the masked vigilante known only as V.



Maus was created by Art Spiegelman and is based on the American cartoonist interviewing his father, who was a Polish Jew and Holocaust survivor. It takes a twist on traditional storytelling by representing Jewish people as mice, the Germans as cats and the Poles as pigs.

It’s a novel that is an absolute must-read for any history enthusiast, but it will also convert any non-history readers into a fan. It is both critically acclaimed and the first graphic novel to ever win a Pulitzer Prize.


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Everybody loves a Batman story. You’re willing to watch it on TV or see a film, but why not see the Caped Crusader where he’s at his best?

The Dark Knight Returns writer Frank Miller pens the story of Bruce Wayne at the age of 55, who brings Batman out of retirement to fight crime and faces opposition from the Gotham City Police Department and the US government.


Batman: The Killing Joke

Alan Moore once again returns on this list with one of the greatest stories ever told. The Killing Joke explores the origin story of the Joker and takes place across two different timelines: one where he’s attempting to drive Commissioner James ‘Jim’ Gordon insane and the other is where Batman attempts to stop him.

It’s not a long story and only has 64 pages, but it is an instant page-turner. If there’s only one book that you could take on a trip and it would have a profound impact on your life, then look no further than The Killing Joke.