Could A UK Caravan Holiday Be The Answer After Brexit?

In less than two months, Britain could leave the European Union (EU), but no exit strategy has been settled on yet – which means thousands of holidaymakers could be left with their holiday plans ruined. That is why more and more people might be tempted to book a caravanning holiday in the UK instead to avoid any disruptions and enjoy a peaceful time away.

March 29th is the date given for Brexit to occur, but as of yet, Prime Minster Theresa May has not established a deal on how this will affect travel arrangements for Brits travelling into the EU after this date.

Indeed, price comparison site GoCompare noted there is extra risk this year for those booking their European breaks after March, as no regulations have been set up regarding flights to and from the continent.

Matthew Sanders, travel expert at GoCompare, was reported by Your Money as saying: “The added uncertainty caused by Brexit this year should definitely focus the mind on protecting this investment.”

He noted that even without the Brexit concerns, many Brits fail to take out travel insurance, risking thousands of pounds if something unforeseen should occur.

According to the organisation, 58 per cent of holidaymakers leave their travel insurance plans to the last minute, arranging it within a week of their departure date. Nearly a third of these only book their protection on the day they fly.

Earlier this month, expert Simon Calder warned viewers of Good Morning Britain that airlines could cancel flights in the wake of Brexit, which means they risk losing the money they spent on accommodation and car hire if they are not protected, the Express revealed.

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