For A ‘Fabulously Interesting Staycation’, All Aboard The Motorhome

Staycationing has been fashionable for lots of reasons in recent years – squeezed finances have boosted the popularity of staying in the UK for a holiday, for example – but one enthusiast says that there is so much to do at home, the staycation shouldn’t be seen as second best.

So dust off your motorhome awnings for a UK-based break, because Simon Elson in the Huffington Post makes a convincing argument for the British countryside.

“I believe that the UK has plenty of amazing places to visit and the millions of overseas visitors back this up,” he said. “If this country was dull and uninteresting, they wouldn’t bother visiting it would they?”

Elson is a big fan of Orkney, where the dramatic landscape and the Neolithic Skara Brae village offer a fantastic opportunity to delve into ancient history without having to foot the bill for a flight to Athens.

He also believes the views of the Whinlatter Pass in Cumbria are as wild and alpine as a vista of the Canadian Rockies, while a day at Stone Henge is sure to delight holidaymakers of all ages – but children in particular.

“Please don’t dismiss my fabulously interesting UK holidays as boring because we don’t board an aeroplane,” he stated. “Our country is an amazing place if you stop and look around at what’s right under your nose.”

If you are planning an adventure to a British beauty spot in your motorhome then remember to follow our top safety tips. Always check your smoke alarms, tyre pressure, tread depth and gas appliances – and remember to turn off the gas bottle before you leave.