Fancy A Winter Camping Trip? Make Sure You Stay Warm

The weather in the UK can be variable at the best of times – even in the height of summer you can experience heavy rain and colder than average temperatures – so if you’re a hardened camper the thought of spending a few nights under canvas during the winter isn’t likely to send you running for the hills.

Of course, the winter months in the UK to tend to bring cold weather with them, especially if you’re heading north, so it pays to be prepared.

When you’re shopping for camping supplies in the UK, make sure that a sleeping bag liner is on your list of things to pick up, because these can make a big difference to your warmth in a tent at night.

Camping with Style offers some advice on ways to stay warm during a winter camping trip, including sleeping on a folding camp bed, wearing thermals in bed and making use of a hot water bottle.

The blog also notes that you shouldn’t go to bed cold, as it will be difficult for you to warm up, so have a warm drink before you snuggle in, or even do a few star jumps to get your temperature up a bit.

As well as the cold, you may also have to contend with strong winds in the UK. Out and About Live recently offered some advice if you find yourself pitching a tent in windy conditions.

Choosing a sheltered campsite and making use of natural windbreaks, such as high hedges or the side of a hill, are among the top tips offered by the website.

It also recommends that you check the weather forecast before you set off, to ensure you aren’t taken by surprise by any bad weather that comes your way.