First Time Caravanning Tips

Going camping for the first time can be an exciting experience for everybody involved, but one of the biggest hurdles to your first trip will be getting hold of the correct equipment to ensure your holiday goes smoothly.

Follow these tips and you will have a great time.

  1. Make a list

Packing lists are essential for any type of holiday but they are particularly important for caravanning trips, where you may not be able to pick up essential replacements.

If you are starting out it may be too expensive to buy everything you want in one go, but essential caravanning items include a fire extinguisher, wheel chocks, caravan jack, sway control device, towing mirrors, extra coolant and oil, a spare fan belt, and insulation tape.

  1. Test drive

Towing a caravan is not easy. The morning you set off on a journey may not be the best time to get around to trying it out for the first time. Test drive it, preferably with someone a bit more experienced. This is also a good time to figure out if you have everything you need for your journey and that all your equipment works.

  1. Check your car

There’s no point investing in caravanning equipment if your car isn’t up to the job, so make sure your car has been serviced, types are the correct pressure and your fuel is topped up. It could be a long journey after all.

And don’t forget the camping extension leads the first time you go camping.

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