How To Get Started On The Right Foot With Your Caravan

For a rapidly growing number of people, caravanning is the ideal way to see new locations and enjoy nature whilst not being too far away from creature comforts and a nice warm bed.

With the last few years inspiring a generation of new explorers and ramblers, people have been visiting their local caravan supply shop and getting ready to visit the great outdoors in considerable numbers.

However, if you are just starting out, here are some top tips to ensure your first caravan holiday is a relaxing escape from the everyday.


Choose The Caravan That’s Right For You

Before going any further with booking sites or ordering accessories, the first and most important step is to choose the right caravan for you.

There are so many models, options, variants and systems out there to list, but as with any major purchase, the key is to set a budget, work out what you need, how many people need to fit in it and its weight.

After this, take a look around a few dealerships to see what is available and look inside to take a look at the space. Think of the experience as a combination of looking for a new car and a new house.

It is also worth taking a course on towing a caravan or trailer safely if you are new to the caravan world.

Finally, it is important to consider the car that is towing the caravan, and with that in mind, many caravanners follow the “85 per cent rule” which is that the maximum weight of a caravan should never be more than 85 per cent of the car’s kerbside weight.


Treat The First Holiday As A Learning Experience

The key to a successful and enjoyable first trip with the caravan is not to be too ambitious. Get a caravan starter kit, learn how all of the functions and tools work, follow this checklist and avoid driving more than an hour away from where you live.


Talk To Others

The caravan community is exceptionally friendly and helpful, so if you need any advice or assistance, there will typically be a friendly face around to help you feel welcome and get your caravan set to rights.