FIAMMA AWNING CENTRE RAFTER F45S F65 and F80 – 19971 – (98655A007)



This is the standard centre rafter from Fiamma it is made of boxed style aluminium.  It id designed to keep the fabric under tension and aids water pooling when rained upon. (Ideally you should always angle your awning in case of being caught from a downpour of rain)

Simple to install, by pushing into the rear of the awning case, extending the inner boxsection of the awning rafter into the lead rail and locking off when fully tensioned. Adjustable length from 145cm – 250cm.

Suitable for Fiamma and other style box awning with a canvas depth put to 250cm.  Supplied with rubber feet for other type side mounted awnings.

Fiamma rafters are made in aluminium, designed to assist in keeping the fabric tensioned, eliminates the pooling water effect and eases the noise of the flapping fabric caused by the wind. Simple to install without damaging the awning. Delivered with specially fabricated wall clips for ease of storage in your vehicle.
1) Straight Rafter 19970
This rafter is made up of two box sections of aluminium telescopic bars. It is an adjustable length rafter and extends from 142cm – 265cm
Suitable for awnings with a material depth of 2.50cm and for awnings up to 5.50cm in Fiamma or can be used on other manufactured awnings of 6.00cm with the rubber ends that are included.

2) Rafter Pro (Curved) 19980
This likewise is a rafter made up of two box sections of aluminium telescopic bars. lt too is an adjustable length rafter that extends from 144cm – 265cm
This rafter is specifically curved and is designed to be used is raining conditions only and is designed to stop the pooling of water on the canopy. (Not to be used in sunny conditions)

3) Rafter Caravanstore 23670