This is the highly popular Thule QuickFit Room designed to fit onto the Thule Awning on the 6002, 6200 and the NEW Thule 6300

It has a skirt section of 3.0m long and therefore will only fit onto the Roof Mounted 6 series awnings that are 3.25m, 3.50m, 3.75m, and  4.00m

These awnings are designed to fit the van height of 2.30m – 2.50m

The depth when installed is 2.5m


  • Fast and easy set-up as the complete tent is in one piece and doesn’t need profiles
  • Elasticated at the sides to fit good and snug against your van
  • Easily slides into the caravan rail or the additional rail below the awning cassette, and is easily fixed to the front rail of the awning
  • Light yet robust structure that fits in a small bag for compact storage
  • Made from innovative Ripstop fabric, a light woven and tear-resistant material
  • Designed the fit both the 6200 on the Ducato as well as the NEW 6300 Thule awning
  • Double ceiling, giving better ventilation and insulation, is created by suspending the tent below the awning fabric
  • Additional shade and modern look thanks to integrated front canopy in black, grey, and white
  • Reduced condensation thanks to two permanent ventilation openings
  • Front panel has integrated doors on the left and right
  • Please note this is just the QuickFit for sale here not the Thule 6200 or 6300 awning 

Technical specifications

Compatibility Vans
Awning fit Thule Omnistor 6200
Thule Omnistor 6300
Min mounting height 2.30 m
Max mounting height 2.50 m
Stay Short
Set-up time Ultra fast
Materials Ripstop
Weight 16.4 kg
Curtains Supplied as standard
Windslip Supplied as standard
Wheel cover Supplied as standard
Bag Sport bag
Model number 307060