THULE RESIDENCE ROOM CURTAINS ROOM 5.50m and 6.00m Thule Panorama Curtains 5.0, – 6.0m and Thule Veduta – 301565 (Set 3)*



Add privacy to your Residence and Panorama

Curtains are suitable for Thule G3/G2 Residence Rooms, come in a grey colour

The curtains although sold separately have the curtain clips supplied with the Thule Residence room.

This set is for the Residence 5.50m and Residence 6.00m

Also for Thuile Panorama 4.00m 4.25m, 4.50m and 5.0m

Contains 6 x 1m, 2 x 1.7m

Spare curtain clips can be ordered separately