How To Stay Warm In Your Camping Tent In Winter

Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean you can’t pack up your camping supplies and head off into the wilderness as you would if it were summertime… but you do need to be prepared so you can stay nice and snug in your tent and sleeping bag during winter camping trips.

Even in summer it can get awfully chilly once the sun’s gone down so it’s worth making sure you have the appropriate equipment so you get a good night’s sleep and wake up ready to attack the day.

Investing in a good sleeping bag liner is certainly advisable as this will help make your actual sleeping bag a lot warmer. And don’t forget that a lot of cold comes in through the ground so if it’s just you in your sleeping bag on the tent floor, you’ll probably find yourself shivering a lot more. Get yourself a foam sleeping mat and you’ll certainly notice the difference.

Another top tip from us here at Leisure Plus Direct is to take a little hand warmer with you on your camping trip. You can wrap this up and put it in the bottom of your sleeping bag before you’re ready to go to bed so it’s lovely and warm already when you get in there.

You can also buy heaters that have been specifically made to be used inside tents – although make sure you don’t keep this on all night when you’re asleep. Thermal blankets, dry socks and hats are also a must! You could even heat up a few big rocks in your campfire, let them cool so you can handle them, then wrap them in a towel and put them at the bottom of your sleeping bag..

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