The Best Caravan Accessories To Kit Out Your Camper

Buying a motorhome can be an exciting experience, with the ability to travel wherever you want accompanied by all your homely luxuries. No more pitching tents, no more finding the perfect campsite… you can simply drive and then park up and have a cosy bed ready and waiting for you. 

But you may want to invest in some additional caravan supplies to make your camping holiday as easy and breezy as the soft summer wind you’ll be enjoying on your travels. 

First things first, grab yourself a basic travel toolkit. You may think it excessive, but you’ll thank yourself for buying one next time you find yourself searching every nook and cranny for a screwdriver or spanner. 

You may also want to invest in a first aid kit or safety kit. You never know when you may hit a bump in the road and need a plaster or bandage. Having a safety kit is also important in case you find yourself lost or broken down and in need of some assistance.

Invest in some travel-friendly crockery. Bowls, plates, knives,forks and spoons are all essential. However, you might wish to buy some that aren’t as breakable as the chinaware you have in your kitchen at home. 

Awning is another must-have purchase for your camper. It can increase the amount of living space you have, creating a covering for the area outside your motorhome. This is great if you have additional outdoor furniture you want to set up but keep out of the wind and rain. 

Wing mirror extenders are a good purchase for caravans, attaching to your existing mirrors and allowing you to extend your view. This means safer driving while towing and lets you keep a constant eye on your travelling home.