Top Tips For Handling Rainy Weather On Your Caravan Holiday

thule 4900 awning - caravan driving in a very bad weather

It might be summer, but in the UK the weather can still be unpredictable, with torrential downpours one minute and bright sunshine the next. This can make preparing for a British caravan holiday challenging, but with the right gear it’s possible to take wet weather in your stride. Here are some tips to handle whatever the weather throws at you!

Inspect your caravan in advance

If it’s your first outing of the year, inspect your caravan to check that it is weatherproof and has survived the winter intact. Check the seals around doors, windows, and roof seams for any cracks and gaps, and make repairs as necessary. 

Invest in an awning

If you do not already have an awning for your caravan, consider investing in one to provide extended living space that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors whilst also sheltering you from sudden cloudbursts or damp drizzly days. When selecting your awning, check it is compatible with your model of caravan and can be easily attached and secured.

Decide what purpose you want the awning for, such as an outdoor seating and dining space, or simply a dry entryway into your caravan where you can shed muddy boots and wet coats without bringing the mess and damp indoors. This will help you decide on the size of the awning and how much you want to invest in it. 

Plan some indoor activities

Pack plenty of indoor entertainment just in case the rain and mist descend for the day and show no sign of shifting soon. Board games, podcasts, books and cards can all help to while away those hours when you are stuck inside, and they can also be a fun bonding family experience. 

Check out the local area for indoor attractions, such as leisure centres, heritage sites and museums, craft fairs, climbing walls, and so on. Unless you are somewhere very remote, there is likely to be plenty of options that won’t let a downpour put a damper on your day.

Have right clothing

The Lake District legend Alfred Wainwright once said there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. There’s certainly some truth in this, especially in summer when you can stand to be out in the wet without risking hypothermia setting in. 

In Wainwright’s day, waterproof gear was heavy and cumbersome, but today there’s a huge range of lightweight and breathable clothing available that’s showerproof or fully waterproof. Tog yourself up with some all-weather outdoor gear and you will feel more physically and mentally prepared for taking any weather conditions in your stride. 

While it may not be advisable to set off up Scafell in pelting rain and murky conditions, wet weather can seem less consequential once we are out and about and have a decent jacket on. Don’t let rainy days hold you back from exploring the great outdoors!