TV’s Julia Bradbury Loves ‘Creature Comforts’ When Camping With The Family

‘Glamping’ is a popular holiday option for TV’s Julia Bradbury, who is hosting the Manchester Caravan and Motorhome Show this week (January 18th 2018).

The Bolton News reported that Bradbury, who is the first ever female president of the Camping and Caravanning Club, loves being able to have some of the comforts of home while indulging in the great outdoors.

She admitted that when she’s on set, she loves to explore the wild and can happily ‘rough it’ when she’s travelling solo, but when she’s having family time, she would much prefer ‘glamping’ to the wilder option.

“Camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and wet. You can be like me and enjoy ‘glamping’,” she was quoted by the newspaper as saying. “If you want the full-on Bear Grills experience then you can do it but if you want to do something a bit more cosy you can do that too.”

If you love ‘glamping’ as much as Julia Bradbury then consider investing in the best UK motorhome awnings for your next adventure, and the presenter added that more and more people are taking their families to some of the country’s beauty spots rather than forking out for a traditional beach break overseas.

She believes shows like Countryfile and Britain’s Best Walks are reminding people of the opportunities to explore right on our doorstep.

Bradbury added that camping is an ideal holiday for families, and she loves to take her young son and twin daughters on an outdoor adventure, but when your brood are all under six, you want warmth and comfort as well as the wonders of nature.