Twice As Many Brits Would Cut Back On Food Rather Than Holidays

Going on holiday is extremely important to most Brits, with many of us prioritising a break away over other pleasures in our life.

In fact, according to ABTA – the Travel Association, we value vacations so highly that almost twice as many people say they would rather cut back on food (25 per cent) if they needed to save money rather than their holidays (13 per cent), Travel Weekly revealed.

The research showed Brits would also prefer to reduce their clothing and accessories budget (18 per cent) and electronic gadget spend (17 per cent) than not go on an annual break.

ABTA’s director of brand and business development Victoria Bacon said: “We have always been a nation of people who enjoy taking holidays, and it is clearly a spending priority for a lot of people, often overtaking other popular items and leisure activities.”

The organisation revealed that 86 per cent of the country took a holiday last year, either in the UK or abroad, showing just how important it is to the majority of Brits to have some time away.

According to the findings, young people value their holidays the most, with only six per cent of those aged between 18 and 24 saying they would limit their getaways to save money.

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