Still Time For A Caravan Holiday

The kids might be back in school, but for those without little ones, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the last of the summer sunshine and head out on a caravan holiday in the UK. 

There are many advantages of a staycation in September, starting with quieter campsites now schools have re-opened. Roads and towns will also be less congested, queues for attractions will be shorter, and parking will be substantially easier to find after the holidays have ended.

It is also normally a good time in terms of weather. This summer saw some unprecedented highs, including a record-breaking 40.3C in Coningsby, Lincolnshire. While us Brits are known for complaining about the lack of sunshine in the UK, for most people, this was too high. 

In fact, much of the summer remained hot, making it difficult for some people to enjoy being outdoors if they find the heat a challenge. 

That is why September, with its cooler temperatures, might be a much preferable time to go away in the caravan, as it is still pleasant without having to turn on the heater yet. 

The Met Office has predicted most of the month will have a “mix of sunny spells and showers or longer spells of rain”, with most of the downpour concentrated in northern and western areas of the UK. 

It also noted: “Temperatures [are] likely to be near normal across north-west but warm in the south-east.”

Another reason to take your caravan away in the early autumn is this is one of the best seasons to enjoy the beauty of the British landscape, with leaves beginning to fall, blackberry bushes in abundance, and the colours of the landscape starting to change. 


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