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Cool box absorption MAC-40 AC/DC, 30mbar

Without a doubt, this black cool box complements your camping holiday perfectly. It is also very handy to take with you on an adventurous day out. The Mestic absorption cool box offers you all the freedom in the world. Don’t you have mains power at your disposal? No problem with Mestic – you just switch over to gas. This cool box is your ideal travelling companion. Just to enjoy a great time at your favourite campsite or also if you are venturing further into the wilderness. With this cool box, you can always enjoy these little luxuries you are used to at home.

This cool box runs on electricity as well as gas

With this silent absorption cool box from Mestic, you can enjoy total freedom. The absorption cooling system makes very little noise. It keeps the contents cool to 25 degrees below the ambient temperature, both at the campsite (230V) and in the car (12V). The Mestic absorption cool box is therefore ideal to take with you on holiday or on various outings. It also works on gas so you do not need mains power. The cool box gives the same cooling performance on gas as on electricity, which makes it very flexible to use. To operate it correctly on gas, you must use a mix of propane and butane gas and a gas pressure of 30 mbar. Because the cool box works in the car, on mains voltage and on gas, it is ideal for every type of holiday and outing. For example, you can take this cool box to the park or an off-grid campsite.

Main advantages

  • Cools up 25℃ below the ambient temperature
  • Noiseless
  • Powered by 12V, 230V or gas
  • Thanks to its integrated spirit level it can easily be positioned upright
  • Suitable for 2.0L bottles
  • Capacity: 42 litres

Smart cool box

The Mestic absorption cool box is easy to position thanks to the cleverly integrated spirit level so you can be sure that the cool box and its contents will remain firmly in place. Its 42-litre capacity gives it extra depth and makes it suitable for 2-litre bottles too. So you will always have the space to keep your water and soft drink bottles cold. In addition, this cool box is also extremely quiet, a huge advantage. So you can enjoy peace and quiet in the most beautiful natural surroundings. This cool box cools up to 25℃ below the ambient temperature. This makes it very suitable for a mild summer.

In short, this noiseless adsorption cool box will keep your food and drinks cold wherever you go, without keeping you awake at night. An added bonus: complement the cool box with the Mestic cool box carrier blackline MCCB-300. This is a perfect fit for the cool box and keeps it dry and clean.

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