Top Suggestions For Caravanning During The Winter Months

camping washing line - caravan

Caravanning is not just a summer activity, as you can enjoy heading out on the road throughout the year for a well-earned break. 

Of course, the cold British weather can make it a bit trickier, so here are some tips on how to enjoy a caravanning adventure during the winter months. 

Make sure the park is open 

Not all caravan parks open during the winter, so make sure you find one that is open for the date you want to visit. You may also want to ascertain whether its facilities, such as a bar or shop, will be closed or not. 

Wherever you go, try to arrive in the morning or early afternoon, otherwise it will be dark when you turn up. 

Check it is warm enough

Before you set off, make sure your caravan will be warm enough by checking the heating system is in good working order. You might also want to bring extra freestanding heaters to add some warmth on those cold nights. 

If your windows are not double-glazed, hang up plastic sheeting with velcro to reduce the amount of heat loss from the caravan outside. 

It is also sensible to bring extra rugs, blankets and hot water bottles just in case the temperature really dips. 

Stock up on winter clothing

You can ditch the BBQ and garden chairs, but make sure you pack as much winter clothing as you can. 

This includes thermal underwear, waterproof clothes, good-quality walking boots, hats, gloves and scarves. You will be grateful for being warm and dry when you are out exploring all day long. 

Thanks to the cold conditions, you won’t be able to hang wet clothes on a camping washing line, so it is best to bring more than you think you’ll need. 

Pack plenty of games

While you might be used to enjoying long summer evenings sitting outside your caravan, the chilly weather and dark nights will mean spending your time indoors instead. 

So make sure you bring plenty of entertainment, such as board games and cards. Enjoy being disconnected from the internet and having quality time as a family instead.