NEW – THULE RAIN BLOCKER SIDE – 5200 Ducato / High Top Transit / Movano * 310223



This is the ever popular Rain Blocker side.

The curved shape of the Thule Rain Blocker G2 Side ensures a perfect fit against the vehicle wall of your Ford Transit H3 & Ducato H2 with Lift roof.
Also suitable for Relay/Boxer 2007> & Movano 2022> H2 vans with lift up roof. Mounting height 2.30 – 2.50
Side privacy panel for Thule awnings to protect against wind and rain.
Side panel slides into the included easy to install aluminium rafter between awning box and lead rail
Smart connections ensure an easy attachment of the side panel with the awning support leg
Side panel can be installed on both sides of the awning
Many possibilities to combine other panels
The Thule Rain Blocker G2 panels can be combined with smart connections
Durable fabric material: top quality PVC