Thule Ladder Fixation kit – Magnetic kit suitable for steel roofs and surfaces


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Use the Thule Ladder fixation kit for extra stability when you use a telescopic ladder (Thule telescopic ladder also available) Apply the magnetic kit wherever you wish on the vehicle – on the metal surface and place the ladder up against it.  Bind the straps around the ladder and tension with the pump buckles


  • Multi-purpose use for telescopic ladder, organizers, and windscreen
  • Apply the magnetic fixation kit wherever you want on a steel surface
  • Easy, extra-stable ladder fixation using straps with pump buckle system
  • Easy to mount the Thule Organizers on various positions on the vehicle sides thanks to the integrated rail
  • Easily attach the Thule Windscreen to the vehicle side without drilling
  • Patches included to keep your vehicle protected
  • Storage bag included