A Guide To Caravan Care

Caravan care has never been more important. In a time of increasingly extreme weather conditions, as well as all manner of road delays due to a variety of current factors, it is crucial to look after your motor home and caravan supplies.

It is advised that caravan tyres be replaced after ten years, no matter how durable they may still appear to be. Sun and weather conditions, especially those of the recent record-breaking heatwave, contribute significantly to tyre degradation.

If you’re planning on taking a long journey then it is best to have your caravan’s tyres fully checked. Problems like a bulge or a cracked sidewall may start out small but can rapidly deteriorate into much more significant issues down the road.

Most caravans stand dormant during the winter months before being taken out again in summer. Another thing to watch out for is flat spots which can develop when the vehicle is only moved once or twice a year.

A flat spot may not appear initially visible, but once on the road, it can cause serious noise and vibration. It is not recommended that a caravan tyre be changed on the hard shoulder of a motorway, and it should be known that a flat spot cannot be remedied save for a full tyre replacement.

In addition to the tyres, the other main thing to be aware of in a caravan or motor home is water leakage. This is a fairly common issue due to the vehicle design but also one that is easily fixed by good professional service.

Preventative maintenance and regular check-ups of a caravan’s electric, solar and air conditioning systems are the best checks your vehicle can regularly receive. It is always sensible to give your road warrior a once over by a professional service before embarking on a holiday or staycation.