What Is The Future Of Campervans?

camper van with mountain lake backdrop

Van life is becoming an ever more popular aspect of modern life. There are always stories of people who’ve sold their home and embarked on an epic adventure in a campervan.

And then there are those who’ve invested in a campervan to give them the chance to escape from the stresses and strains of daily life at the drop of a hat. Whichever camp you fall in, you might want to have a look at some of the possibilities for campervans in the future.

Top Gear recently praised the Hymer VisionVenture concept, which it claims takes campervans to a whole new level. This motorhome is a little different to what you might expect, with an incredibly well-designed interior that makes the best use of the space.

The back of the van folds out to create your own private balcony, and the bed is stored in a pneumatic pop-up roof.

It’s not only these kinds of features that make it stand out – the campervan has been designed with large windows at the back to allow you to enjoy the views from wherever you end up sleeping for the night.

There’s a fold-out barbeque, as well as an interior kitchen, and the van has a luxury wet room to provide for all your comfort breaks.

But the publication pointed out that what makes this the future of campervans is the innovative materials that are used in its construction. Many elements are 3D printed.

“The paint is infrared-reflective, to better moderate the van’s temperature and reduce its energy use, while we’re promised plentiful lightweight construction,” it stated.

The Hymer VisionVenture uses a Mercedes Sprinter van as a base, which means it’s certainly not on the small side.

Campervans seem to either be getting bigger and more luxurious, or scaling down in size for very accessible van life trips.

At the other end of the scale are the latest campervan models from Peugeot. The automaker has come up with two very small camper designs to allow people to have a camper that can be used in everyday life as well as for impromptu outdoor adventures.

New Atlas highlighted its Partner Alpin Camper and Irmscher Traveller, both of which focus on efficiency and space saving with their designs.

The Alpin Camper has a sofa opposite a kitchen unit. This sofa can pull out to a bed and features storage drawers beneath it.

Although the Irmscher Traveller is a larger van, this conversion provides a little less interior space. It comes equipped with a fold down bed in the back of the van, as well as a slide-out kitchen box that allows you to prepare your food in the open air before you settle in for the evening.

Motorhome awnings for the UK could be a good addition if you’ll be doing a lot of road trips in this country as we all know how unpredictable the British weather can be. Whatever kind of van you choose for your adventures, there’s no denying that there are a lot of great places to explore in the UK and further afield, so start planning your next trip today.