What You Need To Bring For A British Caravanning Holiday

Holidays in Poland - active rest by the Insko lake in Pomeranian Lake District

Holidaymakers planning a caravan trip this summer need to start getting prepared for their adventure by buying the right accessories and equipment. 

Here are a few essentials that will make your trip more enjoyable.

Air conditioning

British summertime weather can be very hit and miss. It is just as likely to be rainy and cloudy as it is boiling hot.

If you happen to go away during a heatwave you’ll be glad you invested in an air conditioning unit for your vehicle, which will make road trips and sleeping much more comfortable.


Extend your living space by buying an awning for your caravan, as this allows you to spread your belongings out, so you’re not cooped up in your vehicle all the time. 

It also means you can sit outside under cover, protecting yourself from both intense sunshine and unpleasant rain. 

Bike carrier

To be able to explore the destination of your holiday even more, attach a bike rack to the back of the caravan. This will allow you to bring your bicycles away with you, so you can enjoy fresh air and the beautiful sights on your trip. 

This will give you a break from being in the van, and allows you to hit the road in a more leisurely and environmentally-friendly way. 

If you’re interested in buying more caravan supplies for your holiday, consider getting a secure caravan lock, camping chairs to put outside, and a bluetooth speaker, so you can enjoy listening to music in the evenings.