Camper Outs ‘Absurd’ Staged Camping Pics

Camping is a joy – the great outdoors, cooking and eating al fresco, the fun of bundling up under canvas – but social media has bred a competitive photography trend to post scenes that may be less epic than they appear to be.

My Modern Met reported that keen yet realistic camper Luisa Jeffrey has set up an Instagram account called @youdidnotsleepthere outing the most ridiculous scenarios and bringing us all back down to earth, after all, with top camping accessories for your UK adventure, who wants to pretend they slept in the open air on a cliff edge?

While Jeffrey’s posts are amusing, they are not meant to sound superior.

“It’s not about being wrong or right at all, it’s just about calling out clichés and making people laugh,” she said.

Among the allegedly staged clichés her posts have made infamous are images of people with their feet sticking out from under the covers (chilly!) under an improbably starry sky.

In addition, images of tents perched precariously and without any kind of anchor on rocky cliff edges (uncomfortable and unnerving) get the @youdidnotsleepthere treatment when they cross her path.

If you like to document your camping trips for social media then the backdrop of the countryside in winter sets an impressive scene – but campers need to remember to keep warm, so we recommend investing in a good sleeping bag liner for bedtime.

And for during the day, re-usable hand warmers are great to have in your backpack to keep paws feeling toasty when out taking snaps.

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