The Most Common Mistakes Made When Buying Caravans

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The simplest questions to ask are often the most difficult ones to answer to anyone’s satisfaction, and that’s very much the case with the most common question any newcomer to the world of caravans will ask: Which model is the best?

It’s such a simple question, but there is no real answer; there are certainly better caravans for certain people and certain roles, but there is no singular best caravan money can buy.

However, the best way to find your best caravan is to avoid some exceedingly common mistakes.


Not Matching Your Caravan With Your Tow Car

Whilst it is important that the home away from home you are towing is big enough for the needs of yourself and everyone else staying in the caravan with you, it is also important to ensure that your car is suitable for towing the caravan and its supplies and that both car and trailer follow the government’s rules.

If not, at best you’ll be going nowhere, and at worst, you could potentially be towing a caravan unlawfully.


Buying The Wrong Appliances

One very common error a lot of caravanners starting out will sheepishly admit to making is buying appliances that are fantastic in the home but completely unsuitable at the caravan site.

Whilst it is important to not be underprepared if you want to enjoy your stay, heating equipment, kettles or toasters are a major drain, which can affect the mains hook up to the point of tripping out or draining the battery of the caravan itself very quickly.

The best option is to use low-powered caravan-dedicated equipment, limit how many devices you charge at a time and use gas hobs and a stovetop kettle as an alternative whenever possible in order to save your electricity for when you need it.

Alternatively, fitting solar panels can help offset this and keep your leisure battery full as well.