3 Ways To Take Advantage Of Caravan Extension Leads

Anyone who is planning a holiday will know most of their family members’ suitcases will be loaded with electronic items. It’s not hard to understand that everyone relies on different forms of tech at some point throughout the day. No matter where you’re planning a trip to in the UK – from Liverpool to Kent – caravan extension leads could change the whole experience for the family.

Here are three ways to take advantage of it while you’re sitting outside.



There is no doubt that the family will be spending time outside of the caravan. In fact, any sign of warm weather will have everyone wanting to sit outside. It’s best to avoid the uncomfortable sound of silence and replace it with some music.

Nobody will be against the idea of taking a pair of speakers out for the trip. Whether it’s playing music from your iTunes library or streaming straight from Spotify, you could have that all-important background music needed for an impromptu barbecue out in the sun.


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s latest console has the benefits of both a home system and a handheld device. However, the weather might be too nice to sit inside the motorhome to play on the Switch. You could take it outdoors and not have to worry about charging the system in case its battery is low, especially as you’ll have a charging point within reach.



Most people will enjoy working from the comfort of an iPad, watching a film or simply browsing the internet. It’s the perfect opportunity to sit outside with it and not have to worry about taking it back inside to charge.